A Philosophical Question

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Re: A Philosophical Question

Postby Edi » 2012-10-02 05:03pm

Carinthium wrote:
Spoonist wrote:
Carinthium wrote:Incidentally Spoonist, I have a hypothetical moral dilemna for you (the views of others might be interesting).

I'm sorry but if you can't bother with even such small things as quoting properly then I see no further use of you on this board except chewtoy. So I can't really be bothered enough to keep correcting your false interpretations of reality.
You see in reality if you don't cooperate enough to meet minimum requirements of social interaction then people will simply ignore/exclude you. Make of that what you will.

1- Nobody told me it was a social convention, and not all autistics can be expected to figure this out on their own.
2- This is especially true when not everybody does it (e.g. Alyrium Denryle).

1) You were explicitly told several posts earlier that quoting with names is proper etiquette, which was just another part of a post that you largely ignored. Do not attempt to use your condition as an excuse. This board has an abnormally high percentage of people with Aspergers or other similar conditions when compared to the general population and the vast majority of them have absolutely zero problems using named quotes and did not need to have it pointed out to them several times.

2) Alyrium generally uses one post to reply to one person, in which case named quotes are hardly necessary and if you pay attention, you will notice that his posts often have a named quote in the beginning due to the way the quote functions work. If one post to reply to one person and a different post to reply to a different person, things will stay more clear. Otherwise, use the named quotes.
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