Gifted Students Deserve More Opportunities

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Re: Gifted Students Deserve More Opportunities

Postby Alyrium Denryle » 2012-09-27 10:42pm

By that logic, we are still paying for WWII and the Korean War.

Yes. Yes we are. That is what a loan is. When you dont incur the cost of paying for something now, on the promise that you will pay in the future.

Do I need to explain how debt works? Do I really need to do that?
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Re: Gifted Students Deserve More Opportunities

Postby Simon_Jester » 2012-09-28 04:27am

amigocabal wrote:
Currently, President Obama's two daughters, Malia and Sasha, attend Sidwell Friends School, a private Quaker-inspired institution with an annual tuition of around $29,000, according to a report at Take Part.

I do not find that blameworthy.
Public schools have been known for many things, from punishing students caught with a piece of pizza shaped like a gun to kicking cheerleaders off cheerleading squads for refusing to cheer for their rapists. I fail to see how additional spending would solve those.
I see it.

Two words: talent, and stress. Public schools have very real trouble holding onto talent because the pay is limited, and the job contains a lot of stress. The stress comes from many sources: long hours, lack of administrative support, kids with serious discipline problems and disruptive behavior, and the perception that the public and the local government are hostile (trying to cut salaries and benefits and impose harsh testing and evaluations on teachers).

With more resources it would be much easier for schools to retain talent. And it would be easier for schools to reduce the physical and mental stress on their employees. That would make for better, saner disciplinary policies and stronger, healthier instruction.

It wouldn't really be that difficult if we could just shut up the fad-peddlers and defunders long enough for the system to take a breath and institute some rational reforms.
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