Mini-FAQ on Artificial Intelligence

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Re: Mini-FAQ on Artificial Intelligence

Post by Starglider » 2013-06-23 05:32pm

cosmicalstorm wrote:I wanted to ask you if there have been any interesting developments in the field of AI since this thread was active. You gave a pessimistic outlook on many subjects, has there been any improvement worth naming?
Tangible progress in general AI, not really. There have been plenty of incremental improvements in robotics and applied (narrow) AI that have made for good papers and popular science articles. Computational neuroscience has continued to make incremental improvements in brain simulation. There have been several more startups (and doubtless many academic projects, though I haven't had time to follow those recently) consuming venture capital and promising great things, but practically only delivering incremental improvements in data mining, intelligent search, decision support, that kind of thing.

If you agree with the people who say 'we need to build the individual modules / competencies of the brain before we can make an AGI', or the people who say 'we must make convincing artificial insect minds, then artificial dogs, then chimps, then we can try making an AGI', then this is all very good and proper and perhaps a little frustratingly slow vs the sci-fi but progress nonetheless. From a seed AI / singularity point of view the (public) technical picture has not changed significantly, although certainly there has been plenty of aggressive marketing and buzzword abuse.
(I know I'm necroing this topic but Starglider gave me OK via PM.)
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Re: Mini-FAQ on Artificial Intelligence

Post by Elaro » 2016-02-16 08:17pm

What are your thoughts on what its proponents call "deep learning" Neural Networks?

Actually, what do you think of programs that have to be "trained" before use?
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