Important articles, websites, quotes, information etc. that can come in handy when discussing or debating religious or science-related topics

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Post by ray245 » 2008-12-06 10:19am

Debatepedia is more debate centric, and is tasked with finding the best possible argument for each side in any motions.

I feel that debatepedia can be a good tool to help debaters as a whole. ... _vs._Obama

The thing about being a debater is, a lot of things depends on luck. You MIGHT win even if you are arguing for a weak position, if your opponent is bad at making arguments. However, if you are faced with a decent team that knows how to respond properly to any argument made by your side, you are pretty much screwed.
Humans are such funny creatures. We are selfish about selflessness, yet we can love something so much that we can hate something.

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