Mad agreement between the US and AlQaida...?

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Mad agreement between the US and AlQaida...?

Post by cosmicalstorm » 2008-03-09 07:46pm

Im debating with a person who is completely certain that there exists some kind of MAD agreement between America and Al-Quaida, to me, that sounds like rubbish, I was just wondering if there is any merit to these claims?

It hasn't been done yet because it would give the US merit to retaliate heavily, in a similar fashion. If AQ were to let loose a cloud of radioactivity over the East Coast, the US would almost be obligated to do the same to a Muslim target like Waziristan.
Instead they kill Americans the way Americans kill Muslims, with bullets, conventional bombs and explosions, and so forth.

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Post by Mr Bean » 2008-03-09 08:05pm

Ask him the following

Are you telling me, a group which has been sending five hundred plus and counting people into Iraq with bombs strapped to themselves who then blow themselves up in croweded public places, are worried about America nuking Warizirstan?

This is Al-Quada, their are famous for their suicide tactics, in Iraq the Sunni's plant bombs while the Shiti's shoot at us and plant bombs, while Al-Quada are the bombs, and you think they would not use a nuke if they had one?

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