SDNW5 Index Thread

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SDNW5 Index Thread

Post by Simon_Jester » 2012-04-20 10:39am

Okay. We've got a nice rollicking conversation going over in the OOC discussion thread. And the map discussion thread. And the rules discussion thread.

And all this is good, but it's a problem for people who want to do basic, normal game-related things like... look up the rules. Or what the current iteration of the map is. Because they have to dig through many pages of arm-wrestling and jokes and yaoi duelists in order to find what they're looking for.

I'm creating this thread as a repository for index posts. Basically, you post an index of things that you deem important- you might index links to each post in an ongoing storyline,

This thread is NOT meant for discussion or OOC conversation. It's a directory so we'll be able to look up stuff that matters. If you have a silly plotline going in the prologue or story threads, you can index that, but I don't want people piling in here to chatter about random stuff. We've got other threads for that.

If you actually have something to index and store links and references too, that's good. But no cluttering up the index thread with random stuff, OK?

Index of Rules Posts

(Author's Note: I repeat, if you have a cool idea that involves ignoring the rules, talk to me, or us in general, about it. OK? This isn't about intimidation or making everyone do everything the same way.)

General Rules
Nation Creation Rules: Short Form
Nation Creation Rules: Long Form
Interstellar Travel Rules: Short Form
Interstellar Travel Rules: Long Form
Military Stuff: Short (hah!) Form
Military Stuff: Long Form
Military Construction: Short Form
Military Construction: Long Form
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Re: SDNW5 Index Thread

Post by Darkevilme » 2012-06-24 12:33pm

Chamarran plotline index:

prologue posts:
Reborn in darkness and fire
The Storm
Our friends from the snows With Omegachief
First contact with Arcadia by Skywalker_T-65
Behold the beast
League first contact with White haven

main story posts:
Before the coronation
STGOD SDNW4 player. Chamarran Hierarchy Catgirls in space!

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