The Star Destroyer Gods!!!!

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The Star Destroyer Gods!!!!

Post by Demiurgas » 2012-03-09 08:39am

The Plot:
"I am the rock of the Eternal Shore, crash upon me, and be broken!"
"It wasn't long ago. One plus one equaled two, not fish. Magic was something that came out of an illusionist's hat, or was only associated with religions and Paganism. These days, magic is a fact of life, and so are the gods. People are divided over which of the gods to serve, and even some of the gods refuse to be worshiped at all."

"Whatever we mortals decide to do with our lives, it is the gods that ultimately decide the course of Humanity now."

Players will assume the role of deities. They are in the modern world, (Or up to 55 years in the future, depending on the vote of players). As seen on other boards, role playing as a Deity can be immensely satisfying. Not just to the ego, although that's true, but also to the imagination. Maybe later the Cthulhu Mythos will be involved in the role play, or something similar. Oh, and I have a word of caution; there are significant threats to your authority, not to mention your life and limb, despite your new found power.

Choose Username:
Choose Deity Name:
Choose Deity Alignment/Morality:
Choose Deity Archetype: You start with one, and can gain more. (Deity Archetypes come in different kinds. Some Archetypes will overlap, so there can be two different Stardestroyer members with the Archetype of god of magic, or war, for example. Archetypes can be "Wise Old Man" or something theme related, for example.)
Choose Deity Domains: You start with one, and can gain more. (Domains can sometimes overlap just like Archetypes, but some Domains can't. Just choose a Domain. Domains are the general "gist" of what kind of Power the Deity you're playing possesses. For instance, choosing "Thunder" will definitely make your god the god of Thunder.)

Note(s): Archetypes have their own bonuses associated with them, like Domains do.

Worship, veneration and honor all bring power to a deity. The kind of power mortal attention brings to a god depends on the general attitude, morality/alignment, Archetype(s) and Domain(s), and some hidden factors.

Alternate Means Of Power:
Artifacts, such as Excalibur, The One Ring, etcetera, can be made by your Player Characters for an expedenture of power. Although you temporarily lose significant strength in making artifacts, you gain permanent power through making them.

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Re: The Star Destroyer Gods!!!!

Post by Demiurgas » 2012-03-16 08:57am

(Any specific school of magic. You cannot choose "magic" because that's too broad of a portfolio)
Knowledge (As in logic, reason, sophistication, education, learning and study)
Wisdom (Perhaps cunning, foreknowledge, common sense, empathy, and discipline)
Lightning )

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