The Teaching Of Origin Polity Thread

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The Teaching Of Origin Polity Thread

Post by Demiurgas » 2010-07-26 10:06am

Star Gate gave me an idea. The Ori grow more powerful the more worshipers they have, and I always was a fan of playing as deities. That's why I decided to make this thread. In this thread, we would come up with a character name, a faction name, and choose 1 major faction, 2 moderate factions, and 2 minor factions that exist in fictional franchises in order to make our own Polity. (Government) Furthermore, we would post the philosophy, teachings of our Faction that it's followers adhere to. For example, when I go to make my character sheet/Faction, it would look like this:

Name: Demiurgas
Faction Name: The Demiurgas Imperium
1 Major (Vorlons)
2 Medium (Species 8472), (Borg)
2 Minor (Romulans, Minbari)
The Imperium believes that Demiurgas is the keeper of all the univers'es mysteries and secrets. They believe that by memorizing and reciting The Chant, and living disciplined lives that they can become higher beings and Ascend.

In order to become more powerful, Polities have to gain more followers, and thus make a player character more powerful in the universe. In the beginning of the game, players start with all of their races and technology chosen, but begin only with a territory the size of Warhammer 40,000's Tau empire. (150 worlds)

The Powers Of The Players:
The Players, like Ori from Star Gate, can't enter the universe at their full power. They can, however, use beacons of energy, pawns, champions and eventually avatars in order to carry their powers around and effect the universe. For the Players to do their supernatural powers, they use a finite amount of energy per turn (I'm thinking a turn is a weak). This energy then may do something as powerful as the number of followers would allow. For example, if I had 1 billion followers, I could use my supernatural power to create a planet, and terraform it instantly for them to settle there. If I had 100 billion followers, I could probably destroy a Solar Sytem like the Death Star destroys planets.

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