[Carinthium] Defends genocide and leaves in a snit

Only now, at the end, do you understand.

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[Carinthium] Defends genocide and leaves in a snit

Postby Thanas » 2013-10-01 07:29pm

Carinthium was banned by the admin for his "performance" in this thread.
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A decision must be made in the life of every nation at the very moment when the grasp of the enemy is at its throat. Then, it seems that the only way to survive is to use the means of the enemy, to rest survival upon what is expedient, to look the other way. Well, the answer to that is 'survival as what'? A country isn't a rock. It's not an extension of one's self. It's what it stands for. It's what it stands for when standing for something is the most difficult! - Chief Judge Haywood
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