Some dumbfuck asks to get banned, succeeds

Only now, at the end, do you understand.

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Some dumbfuck asks to get banned, succeeds

Postby jemimabutterworth » 2011-06-03 12:47am

I've never seen anyone abuse their power more than wong in my entire life on the net, which has been pretty long. I've never seen anyone use the "my place my rules" shit as much as he does, or you do, as I hope you are reading this. I consider this my last post here on this pathetic board. The principle of the board is nice, people debating about stuff they like, but when they are being ruled by a tyrant, and OHhhh how I know Mike likes feeling that way, powerful, people have fear of him/you mike, you just LOVE IT.

You probably feel the same way about your kids too, people's personalities come through on the board, don't say it isn't so, don't say "its two different worlds" bullshit, we are the same on the board as we are in real life, do you abuse your kids verbally, your wife too? You certainly do on the board, do your kids listen to your bullshit aswell? do you not let them give their own opinions before you get pissed off at them, throw a small fit and talk to them about logic when they are so young? I bet you do,

Mike Wong is the greatest example of absolute power corrupts absolutely that I have ever seen in my life, his other lackies, namely the board admins just love him, they love the power that he shows because they lack it in their own lives, he is a model for them, they love watching him give the 'smack down' on the internet,

mike, continue abusing your kids, as your personality sure shows that you probably do, i pity your wife, I pity your kids, I pity the board members who put up with your bullshit, your so arrogant I can't even find the words, your kids don't stand a chance now, they've been abused by you, the admins on this board as well as yourself probably think i'm crazy, as well as other people, ghost rider is a great example, 30,000 comic books you own or have read, and you made fun of ME on the board?

anyway, wong, i hope your kids end up ok, as for your wife, you probably abuse her emotionally,

one last thing, wong, since you are asian, and extremely ugly, and have a small penis genetically, I guess this is where you are making up for all those teenage years of being single, or just sleeping with one women, you NEED this power

aunt jemima
not bothering to come up with his own ban-worthy shit yet still hoping to at least moderately annoy
signing off

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Re: Some dumbfuck asks to get banned, succeeds

Postby Vympel » 2011-06-03 01:22am

This worthless dipshit decided to spam this garbage all over the forum. Cya.
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For Those About to Rock We Salute You
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Re: Some dumbfuck asks to get banned, succeeds

Postby Dalton » 2011-06-03 10:24pm

This sounds familiar, like an old troll. Hmm.
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