You wake up on the Valley Forge (Silent Running)

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You wake up on the Valley Forge (Silent Running)

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Tomorrow morning, you wake up as the sole occupant of the American Airlines Space Freighter Valley Forge in orbit of Earth, modern day 2019. It has the full complement of biosphere domes and maintenance drones. What do you with this ship?

For those unfamiliar with this semi-obscure film, Silent Running is a film in which a crew member of the Valley Forge, faced with the potential destruction of the last of the flora and fauna from Earth on board his ship, takes over the ship to preserve them. The models were then reused for Battlestar Galactica as Agro ships.

So, what do you do with such a ship in the modern day?

Alternatively, you replace Lowell as the sole crew member in their dystopian future where there are no plants or animals on Earth, and have the last bit of ecology left.
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