Doctor Who Season 10/36: "Knock Knock".

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Doctor Who Season 10/36: "Knock Knock".

Postby The Romulan Republic » 2017-05-07 02:36pm

Seriously? No thread yet? :)

Anyway, though I missed the start of it, I quite enjoyed this one, barring one major complaint about the ending. Yes, the pacing was again a little uneven, and some of the plot points felt either predictable or random, but the haunted house atmosphere was quite well-done, it was well-acted, and Spoiler
the parallels between the landlord and the Doctor with his vault were a reasonably effective way to tie an otherwise seemingly stand-alone episode into the season arc.

Baldy has been growing on me as a recurring character as well. :wink:

Not sure if they were trying to be ambiguous about Bill's sexuality, with her saying that she usually goes for girls.

My big complain is the resolution of the monster, with wooden girl more or less committing suicide/killing her son. Aside from seeming needlessly dark for the sake of dark, it also fits a recurring theme I've noticed in the Moffat era of portraying suicide in a somewhat positive light, which I find rather off-putting.

That one major complaint aside, its probably the best episode I've seen since "Heaven Sent" (which had the misfortune of being in the middle of a shitty three-parter), and after "Heaven Sent", probably the best since "Day of the Doctor" three and a half years ago.

As to what's in the vault, I'd thought it was the Master (though it seems so obvious that I more than half-expect a bait and switch), but now, with the connection to this episode, I wonder if its some relation of the Doctor's. Any evil family in his past?
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