Doctor Who S36E1 "The Pilot" [Spoilers]

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Re: Doctor Who S36E1 "The Pilot" [Spoilers]

Postby Solauren » 2017-05-01 11:27pm

Lost Soal wrote:
Solauren wrote:
Enigma wrote:So the latest episode gives us the Doctor's age as being over 2000 years old. I guess time spent in the pocket universe doesn't count?

Since he kept getting 'reset' after a few days, he didn't really age.
And can't remember it.

He remembered it, just doesn't really care to. Besides,that counts as over 2000yrs old :)

No, he didn't.

If you'll recall, after each loop, he started from stratch, BUT the stars kept moving, that's how he knew how long he'd been in the pocket universe.

He knows HOW LONG he was in it, and can probably guestimate the number of times he'd been in it, but he never said he remembers doing it billions of times.

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