The Rebels Send A Different Operative To Jedha

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The Rebels Send A Different Operative To Jedha

Postby NeoGoomba » 2017-02-14 10:08am

The Rebellion needs Galen Erso. They know Saw Gurrera has him, but he refuses to make contact with them. They do, however, find a link that connects them both. A former assassin named John Wick was once close friends with Erso, who somehow helped Wick with an impossible task that let him lead a normal life beyond the killing. Wick also knows Guerrera from his past life and is on good terms with him.

Wick's wife has just died and, upon hearing that the one friend who helped him when he needed it is in danger, agrees to go to Jedha. And, to jazz things up, let's say Krennick kills Erso before Wick can save him. With the Rebel Alliance behind him, how will Wick fare on Jedha and Eadu?

Note: All of Wick's knowledge of firearms, technology, combat techniques, and vehicles transfer into Star Wars equivalents, as does the arsenal in his basement. His mastery of major Earth languages also translates into the primary Star Wars ones.
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Re: The Rebels Send A Different Operative To Jedha

Postby Iroscato » 2017-02-14 10:17am

Wick shoots his way up the Imperial High Command to the Emperor himself, and then kills him with a pencil. With a fuckin'...pencil.
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Re: The Rebels Send A Different Operative To Jedha

Postby Solauren » 2017-02-28 07:08am

John Wick is basically pre-Force powered Kyle Katarn.

Star Wars: John Wick more or less goes as is when compared to Rogue One, with a higher body count. Wick still has to manually transmit the Death Star plans, and dies when the area of the base is destroyed.

Alt is he makes it back up the the rebel fleet, but dies trying to fight Vader.

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Re: The Rebels Send A Different Operative To Jedha

Postby Joun_Lord » 2017-02-28 08:10am

I don't think John Wick would do much better. That fucking nobody is a very focused and committed individual with alot of sheer will but against an army with armor and air support he can't do much. I'd assume he'd try to play it stealthy but Erso and Co tried that too and still had to do guns blazing. Plus if Krennic or his kid didn't kill his kath hound puppy he might be less invested in the fight.

Wick is an amazing fighter but he is human, a equally skilled opponent will give him trouble and sheer numbers will wear him down. Even if he someone how makes it off the planet before it goes boom he would still have to deal with Vader and while John might be the guy they send to kill the fucking boogeyman I don't think this particular boogeyman is going down. When Vader showed up Rogue One turned into a straight up horror movie temporarily, Vader was Jason Voorhees and the Rebel troopers were slutty teenagers. Not even Wick is going to be much more then a temporary inconvenience to legitimate scary as fuck Vader (and let me say, whoever made that scene deserves some kudos, its been awhile since Vader seemed so goddamn menacing, like the inhuman monster he actually is).

Now if he has sniper support by Marcus he might do a little better. Marcus was kind of a deus ex for John that constantly got him out of tight spots. Maybe with Marcus distracting Vader by trying to put rounds in him from another ship John might even survive Vader, just survive though, not win.

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