New Livingston Honorverse RAR!

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New Livingston Honorverse RAR!

Postby gigabytelord » 2017-01-24 06:10am

This is an Idea I came up with earlier today while running the carpet cleaner at my school.


Early in the 15th century PD A trio of colony ships set out from the system Beowulf. All together they carry a total population of three hundred thousand people.

They are on the way to a system located several light-years to the galactic north of the now Silesian Confederacy. At some point during trip out in the vast empty space between stellar bodies the colony ships encounter a spacial anomaly. The ships are pulled through and deposited in an unknown unmapped system in an unfamiliar area of the galaxy. It is an unmapped system that happens to hold a single earth like world. There are no catches, no fine print. It is a beautiful and lush world with 1G of gravity. Much of its plant and animal life is both eatable and digestible by terrestrial beings. Terrestrial plants and animals take to the planet with ease. The colonist, unaware of where they are decide to take their chances and make landing. They call this new world New Livingston.

What the livingstonians don't know is that they've also been displaced in time by several centuries at least.

For the first five hundred years life goes well, the planetary population grows rapidly reaching just shy of ten million.
The people of New Livingston maintain a healthy orbital presence with little in the way of military power but there is an ever present need to explore.


Early in the 6th century AF (After founding) a small and lightly armed exploratory task force is surveying a system 20 ly to the galactic east (by their reckoning) of the home world. This is where things start going wrong. When approaching a possibly habitable world they pick up three ships engaged in a battle in the system. They make no attempts to intervene and simply observe the fight until its end. When the battle ends the two remaining ships approach the planet and start bombarding its' surface. At this point they attempt to contact the surviving ships and demand that they stop this bombardment immediately, however instead responding to the hail the two ships break orbit, approach the livingstonian ships, and attempt to attack them. It's clear by this point that attackers are far technologically inferior and one of the ships is destroyed while the other takes heavy damage but manages to flee.

The planet is approached and contact is made but rather than finding humans they discover a bipedal alien race. Long story short this alien race is called Fleckarii and they are colonist much like the livingstonians themselves and belong to a loose confederation containing five worlds, all of which are former colonies of the Core Worlds Hierarchy and are attempting to break free. This Frontier Confederation is attempting to establish a new star nation under an experimental new form of government, democracy. The Hierarchy is a totalitarian expansionist regime and is seeking to subdue them by any means necessary.

That was three centuries ago. It is now the 9th century AF or 850 AF. The now Livingston Stratocracy has been allied with the Frontier Confederation since that first encounter, and the last three centuries have seen at least three major wars and dozens of smaller clashes between the allies and the Hierarchy.


All three states are heavily militarized and over burdened with inordinately large military industrial complexes for their size.

The Core Worlds Hierarchy has expanded, either by conquering frontier colonies or establishing news colonies, to over one hundred fifty systems and has spent the last three hundred years playing catch up with the alliance. They were steadily losing worlds to the alliance until near technological equality was achieved some thirty years ago.

The allies between themselves have since expanded to encompass 70 systems, 62 are Confed, 8 are Livingstonian. The vast majority of the alliance fleet is crewed by Fleckarii as only they have the numbers to do so while the stratocracy has become the main source of technological advancement for the alliance.

Technology for both is a bit of a mixed bag. The Alliance is far behind the rest of humanity in the fields of genetics and the Hierarchy even more so.

The Confederacy has bloomed into a vibrant multi cultural democracy that is slowly evolving into a powerful federal republic with a strong central government. While New Livingston after bearing the strain of fighting off the Hierarchy for so long, at least until the confederacy was brought up to human tech standards, has evolved into a semi-democratic military state.

Both possess superdreadnought class vessels as well as ships of every class below that designation. Neither have developed CLACs but both have Pod Layers equivalents.

The alliance does have one massive advantage over the Hierarchy. FTL coms. Alliance FTL like Manticoran FTL systems can be mounted to drones but have much greater range able to transmit signals over a distance of up to 1 light month. While similar Hierarchy systems are limited to a 1 light day range and much lower bandwidth.

Alliance inertial dampeners are on average ten percent less efficient than Manticoran dampeners while Hierarchy dampeners are 15% less efficient than Alliance dampeners.

The Alliance has developed both two and three stage missiles that are similar to Manticoran counterparts but with 10% less range respectively while the Hierarchy has extremely efficient two stage missiles that have around 90% the range of Alliance three stage missiles.

Both Alliance and Hierarchy ships tend to focus heavily on long range missile duels and as such run light on graser and laser broadside armament, both have advanced point defense that are the equal of Manticoran point defense.

In the area of Sensors the Alliance has superior gravitics and imaging to both the hierarchy (40% better) and the Manticoran Alliance (15% better).

Ship numbers: Alliance

Superdreadnoughts: 650 (Pod Layers): 360
Dreadnoughts: 625
Battleships: 190
Battlecruisers: 800
Cruisers: 1000
Lightcruisers: 755
Destroyers: 1560
Corvettes(LACs): 10,500

Ship numbers: Hierarchy

Superdreadnoughts: 1200 (Pod Layers): 90
Dreadnoughts: 450
Battleships: 800
Battlecruisers: 970
Cruisers: 2200
Lightcruisers: 1000
Destroyers: 3600
Corvettes(LACs): 41,000


On January 23rd 850 AF an Alliance survey ship enters a star system to the far galactic south of the alliance looking for new possible colonies, this system is the basilisk system.
While reestablishing contact with the rest of humanity has always been a thing of major importance to the people of New Livingston it has been on the far back burner for the last three centuries, but just in case all survey ships carry a small diplomatic team, just in case.

It is the day after the First Battle of Manticore.


Livingston Stratocracy: 210 million

Frontier Confederacy: 12.5 billion

Core Worlds Hierarchy: 92 billion

If you have any further questions feel free to ask.


The alliance is currently working on more advanced FTL transmitters that have a range of 1 light year with future plans of constructing a massive alliance spanning ftl automated drone network.

While the hierarchy is preparing to launch a 4th and possibly final major war to crush the long time separatist and their supporters.

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