Webcomic Rec: O Human Star

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Webcomic Rec: O Human Star

Postby zhongnanhai » 2017-01-13 12:03pm

Y'all were kind enough to suggest my comic in this forum, and here's one of my favorites!

http://ohumanstar.com/ O Human Star: Al Sterling, renowned robotics engineer, dies in 2005 and wakes up sixteen years later in a synthetic body. His work has transformed the world thanks to his partner, Brendan, who's raising a robotic child copied from Al's mind. Flashback sequences show Al and Brendan's relationship blossom and crumble, as they deal with stress, deadlines, internal issues, and conflicting ideals.


There's so much great stuff about continuity of identity, second chances, regret, dealing with a hostile world, ambition, etc.- it's a very moving drama, rendered in crisp panels of blue and orange.

There's also a great running gag of Al being very frustrated that pure sucrose is the only viable robot food.

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Re: Webcomic Rec: O Human Star

Postby Q99 » 2017-01-16 04:27pm

This is one of my favorite comics too, the relationships between the characters are great :) The world feels very real to me.

I first ran into it at Small Press Expo, where I immediately snatched up the first collection.

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