Passengers (Spoilers)

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Passengers (Spoilers)

Postby FaxModem1 » 2017-01-05 05:15pm

So, this film came out a couple weeks ago, and while it is being referenced in the Sleeper Ship thread in SLAM, I thought it deserves its own thread.

Centuries from now, the sleeper ship Avalon is on a 120 year voyage to Homestead in to drop off 5,000 colonists. The entire ship's crew and passengers are asleep, waiting to be woken up 4 months before they arrive, where they'll receive training on how to be a colonist.

Thanks to a meteor storm, Jim's pod malfunctions and he has 90 years left on his trip. With a less than helpful computer customer service, and no one but a robot bartender to talk to, Jim tries to endure the trip.

Eventually, after a year of being alone, and on the edge of suicide, he finds comfort in the social profile of another passenger. He then debates on whether to wake her up, and doom her to his situation.

After a month of waiting, he does wake her, and they begin a romance. Arthur, the Android bartender, eventually spills the beans to her. This of course ruins the relationship.

But, due to further malfunctions from the meteor storm, the ship starts falling apart. The two, with the help of Lawrence Fishburne as the Deck Chief woken up by another malfunctioning pod, scramble to repair the ship before it explodes due to the computer drive that regulates all systems needing replacement parts and not properly regulating the fusion drive.

I rather enjoyed the film. It's not often that you see a space sci-fi romance film. Though, the third act could have been an entirely different film altogether

What did everyone else think?