The Expanse Season 2 Trailers

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The Expanse Season 2 Trailers

Postby FireNexus » 2016-12-27 01:17pm

It's a hair early, just over a month, but my favorite current Sci-Fi series is coming back for a second season just after Emperor Trump destroys the world in a fit of poorly-understood MAD. Enjoy the trailers below.

Looks like it's really starting to build buzz, from the response the trailers are getting. It had a slow burn in the ratings in its first season, but I would chalk that up to the first few episodes leaking and most media outlets being unable to really speak on it. Plus some story choices that sort of weakened the first few episodes in the interest of a "show don't tell" ethos that I expect to pay off a lot better now that things are in motion.

Unfortunately, it didn't get on many "best of 2016" lists except for gizmodo. But if we're being fair, it didn't deserve to in season 1. Season 2 almost certainly will, if the tail end of season 1 is an indicator of future quality.

Book Spoilers below.

Bobbie Draper looking fucking fly and perfectly cast in these. Looks like they dropped a little Prax in trailer #3, too. I just hope that the introduction of The Investigator is the closing scene of the season. As soon as I heard about the show I thought that would be the perfect season finale closing.
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