(RAR) Write a Westworld storyline

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(RAR) Write a Westworld storyline

Postby FaxModem1 » 2016-12-03 07:33pm

You've been hired by the Delos corporation to write a story for the Westworld Narrative department. You are being given 20 hosts and an unused portion of the park to change as you see fit.


It cannot violate the time period setting it's in. No time travelers, no aliens, no invasions by Nazis, etc. If you want to bring in something really different, give it a shot, maybe Ford might approve.

The part of the park you will be in is 30 square miles, currently barren desert flatland. It can be changed and landscaped to whatever you want for your narrative by the construction crews or retasked hosts as labor, meaning that you can change both the climate of the area, as well as have buildings built.

Here is a map of the park: Map. For purposes of this RAR, assume you are either in Ranch Land, or in the Low Lands.

While it can interact with other parts of the park, it should not override other host loops and stories, unless you can get permission from Robert Ford to do so. So, as an example, one of your hosts can go into Sweetwater(The town at the center of the map and where tourists leave their train to enjoy the park) to try and entice tourists to take part of your narrative.

Regarding the Hosts, these are 20 new/retired hosts, meant to be sculpted or changed in whatever way you see fit.

After everything is designed, you have to present this to Robert Ford and get his approval for it to be given to the park. If you are able to do so, Delos will give you stock options and a nice bonus, as well as free passes to the park if you desire.

TL:DR: You're making a DLC/new attraction for a futuristic theme park.

What do you make?

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