Agents of SHIELD Season 4

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Re: Agents of SHIELD Season 4

Postby Dalton » 2017-03-24 05:50pm

Yeah. LMD arc is next up.
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Re: Agents of SHIELD Season 4

Postby EnterpriseSovereign » 2017-03-24 09:00pm

The Romulan Republic wrote:I've missed a lot of this season, but as of the last episode I saw, it seems that Spoiler
May has been replaced by an LMD

Oh, and the Watchdogs are still around as villains.

That ep just aired here last Sunday. Now we know how far behind the UK schedule is- the watchdogs (having been mentioned but not featured during the last few eps) are sure to reappear.

While GR is gone for now, Coulson was insistent that they haven't seen the last of him so he's sure to reappear further down the line. Aida is impersonating May and killed Agent Redshirt when he stumbled across her secret- at the end of the previous episode she was seen working on what looked like a model of a human brain.

Clearly the contents of that book (with its text in binary and all) have affected Aida in ways yet to be revealed.
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