New Pokemon Anime

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New Pokemon Anime

Post by Ritterin Sophia »

So some of you light know that there's a new Pokemon anime coming out specifically catering to those of us who remember playing the original games. For others here's the trailer:

They've also leaked a short clip of a fight and it's been made clear that this isn't the Pokemon anime of our youth.
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Re: New Pokemon Anime

Post by Ford Prefect »

Oh my god Charmander is losing his shit.
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Re: New Pokemon Anime

Post by Dartzap »

English version will be out mid-November.

I watched the first two episodes with subs, really enjoyed it. Saw a clip of Red trying to decide between throwing a rock or food in the safari zone which made me laugh a fair amount.
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Re: New Pokemon Anime

Post by Spekio »

Wow, Red's face yells generic anime character.
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