Antigravity nation vs teleportation nation (RAR)

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Which one has the advantage?

The Northern State with its Antigravity Systems
The Southern State with its Teleportation Systems
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Re: Antigravity nation vs teleportation nation (RAR)

Postby vengence » 2012-07-06 02:42am

If you look at real world scenarios all terrorist attacks really do is rally the people for the cause. In the real world there has been little problem bringing in weapons, or improvising. The problem is getting the bomb in place where it could do some damage, or acquiring the intel, or the many other problems that a simple security system causes that magically wont go away with a teleporter, maybe the antigrav can create a detector that picks up the unobtanium that makes the teleoporters work, maybe some anti terrorist agents can sniff out the plots and catch the operatives.

The antigravs can use their own spies to do the same in the teleporter nation. They can use antigravity canisters, in cunjunction with High altitude stealth uavs to smuggle in and out packages that can be potentially considerably bigger than what the teleporters can do even through radar cover.

also a quick recap of the OP and we get this:

first of all none of them have atomic or biological weapons

which means no anthrax or other forms of biological warfare.
Here is an idea in the 1940s the Germans built a large cannon called the pairs gun. this weapon was able to launch projectiles across the Maginot line and hit paris, while not significantly damaging the psychological impact of such a weapon was note worthy. in the 1980s Iraq also designed similar weapons but never had them constructed. Along with the Iraqi weapons there was also projects harp and babylon designed for high atmosphere projectile launches as a cheap way to test re entry vehicles.

The concept of using the superguns is that while missiles may be able to have similar or longer range the projectiles from the cannons are significantly harder to detect. If the antigrav nation decided to build one of these guns and mount it on one of their airships you could have a high altitude artillery cannon that could bomb the enemy from the safety your own nation, and seeing as most all weapons that could reach those heights are easily detectable destroying such a weapon would be difficult, even attempting to sabotage the ship would be extremely difficult, like trying to make an aircraft carrier sink. Sure the ship would be slow but who cares your in friendly territory the entire time, plus none of those pesky enemy radar arrays to detect them.

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Re: Antigravity nation vs teleportation nation (RAR)

Postby Sky Captain » 2012-07-06 06:18am

Any large scale assault on Anti grav nation will require massive conventional sealift and air lift capability because even if they manage to smuggle in and assamble few of the largest teleporters they are stuck with 5 ton max payload which is little more than armored Humvee. Suppose they somehow manage to teleport in and assamble a force consisting of few hundred armored cars and few dozen light attack helicopters before being discovered. Then what? Such force would be little more than a target practice for a proper military force with heavy armored vehicles and air suport. Better use teleporters to assist special forces on covert missions.

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Re: Antigravity nation vs teleportation nation (RAR)

Postby madd0ct0r » 2012-07-07 07:01am

I still think the cost of mounting an invasion for either country will be far beyond the cost of defending it. Stalemate.
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