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Forum Policy - READ ME FIRST

Post by SirNitram » 2003-07-26 05:41pm

Alright, I'm just going to lay down some simple policies, so everyone understands things. For most of the oldies, it's common sense stuff, but I like it to be in plain sight.

We use science here. This doesn't mean we throw out things that should be impossible but are clearly accomplished, it means we analyze things objectively. It's called Suspension Of Disbelief. The main site has an excellent explanation of the concept, so go on and read it.

Flaming is to be kept to reasonable levels. While I enjoy incinerating an idiot who throws out science or who ignores rebuttals, it is not acceptable to flame people for their opinions. If someone likes a series you don't, you are not allowed to flame the hell out of them. Be aware that I, as well as my fellow Mods, reserve the right to cull flaming from threads and drop it in the Hall Of Shame.

Spammy, obnoxious flames(You know who you are) will be deleted on sight. Technicolour flames with five paragraphs and images are just annoying to scroll through. Take them to the Hall, not in here.

While I am clearly a powermongering dictator who merely bribes the Supermods and Admin to gain more power, I do care what people think. If you think a policy is unfair, or think there needs to be an addition, speak up. If moderator action is needed(A particular thread needs stickied, split, multi-posts need deleted, etc), PM me.

In the end, have fun. That's what this overly complicated hobby is about. :D
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