Naraku vs. Yoda

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Naraku vs. Yoda

Post by psyburn21 » 2003-06-30 11:02am

The half-demon with control of Mayasama, demon puppety, and the at least 40 of the jewel shards vs. the Jedi Master. Ok, fan whores on both sides have at it.

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Post by SirNitram » 2003-06-30 11:09am

Yoda, if he could pin Naraku in a fight. Of course, Naraku's mode of operation is to use illusions, minions, and puppetry, so a straight fight isn't entirely fair. Naraku flees after being reduced to just a floating head, giving Yoda the win.
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Post by The Drunkard Kid » 2003-06-30 01:35pm

Oh dear lord you hate Yoda, don't you? AFAIK, Naraku doesn't breath, so there goes the Force Choke. Teleportation and massive spheres of corossive ki, extremely powerful force field generation capabilities (as in, take a direct hit from IY's Wound of the Wind and not even get tickled), shapeshifting, demon creating/summoning, the ability to be chopped up into a hundred pieces and have each of those pieces still crawling around, the ability to absorb his opponents, and about a hundred other abilities that stem from creative use of the the Shikon no Tama shards he has...

Crap, Yoda has less chance of beating Naraku than I do of taking down that droid army while armed with a rubber band and a Scrappy Doo plushy.
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