Apocalypse vs. Darth Tyrannus

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Apocalypse vs. Darth Tyrannus

Post by NeoGoomba » 2003-06-29 12:15am

The duel from AotC. Replace Obi Wan and Anakin with Apocalypse. Can the first mutant defeat a Sith Lord? Or will Yoda have to bail his ass out?
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Post by ShinjiGohan » 2003-06-29 04:35am

I'm under the opinion that Theoreticly Apoc should win here. As he should in almost all fights.

But if written as he normally is in comics, then its a toss up.

He isn't ill willed so mind control shouldn't work.
Can control his density, so a lightsaber shouldn't work, nor should force chokes or force vein pinchings, or force lightning.
And fly, so making him float in the air shouldn't work.
Also can fire energy blasts, which negates the TK
Shape shift, so even if trapped or somehow is TKed and "helpless" could form into a spear like object and fly at the Sith lord


But what'd actually happen in comics is completely different.

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