Disney's Mulan

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Disney's Mulan

Post by ray245 » 2019-07-07 07:14pm

The trailer is out. It looks pretty, but there are some elements that definitely do throw me off in terms of setting. The use of Hakka villages, which only became a thing in the 17th century, definitely throw me off a little. Is Mulan in this version meant to be of Hakka descent? Which is interesting considering the stories usually depict her as someone who was a Xianbei.

It looks interesting, but I'm not sure if this film will have a massive appeal amongst Chinese audience just because it is a Chinese-setting film. To Chinese audience, it looks like another generic Chinese historical war movie. There's nothing that really stands out visually compared to other similar films made in China. There's nothing wrong with what's been depicted so far, but I think there is a need for caution for anyone who thinks Mulan will be a success in East Asia just because it is a Disney-produced Chinese setting movie.
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Re: Disney's Mulan

Post by FaxModem1 » 2019-07-07 09:40pm

Still, looks cool.

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Re: Disney's Mulan

Post by madd0ct0r » 2019-07-08 01:43am

Same as Aladdin - locks down the copyright for a few more decades
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Re: Disney's Mulan

Post by KraytKing » 2019-07-09 05:24pm

Meh. It kinda looks like a fan film. Just for the first few shots, I wasn't certain I'd found the right video or something. It'll have pretty fight scenes, I'm sure, but I don't feel any particular inclination to see this. Just like all of the other remakes.
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