Jessica Jones Season 3 (Spoliers)

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Jessica Jones Season 3 (Spoliers)

Post by FaxModem1 » 2019-06-28 12:53am

First off, I enjoyed the season, with a few caveats

Yet again, Netflix Marvel pushing the message that ambition is evil and it's better to receive powers by random chance than to actually try and improve yourself.
Mostly we end the season with both Sallinger and Trish as villains, both being people who are behind bars or dead for being people who tried to improve the world in their own sick ways. With Jessica "I drink my bodyweight in alcohol daily" Jones the remaining person playing for the good guys, with Eric helping out Detective Costa, but then Eric probably got his powers by accident or fate, like all good people.

Mostly, they had to warp Trish as a character so that she could become just as evil as Sallinger, we even have a bonafide psychic to verify that she's just as evil as him to prove it.
I found the season rather enjoyable, but I'm getting rather tired of the "Person going for improvement, whether of themselves or the world is the villain " narrative that Netflix Marvel keeps on pushing. Maybe it's for the best that Netflix is ending all these series.

The reason I get tired of this plotline is that at the end of the day, its saying that comic book fans are wrong for enjoying the power fantasy, and that you should be glad you never had the opportunity to have better circumstances than you already do.

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Re: Jessica Jones Season 3 (Spoliers)

Post by PREDATOR490 » 2019-06-28 07:34am

I found the series mostly entertaining but really lacking.

At the most fundamental level, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Jessica Jones have established themselves as knowing each other to the point they fought together against the Hand.
I can grant that Daredevil came out as being the weakest at making friends of the others in Defenders but when you have people you KNOW and within easy travel distance. It becomes an increasing disconnect they do not call for help, especially when that help could solve the problem.

In the case of Jessica Jones - She has a personal connection with Luke Cage so calling him up to provide a bit of help against a Serial Killer would make sense.
Calling up Daredevil would be equally beneficial - As a lawyer he is not going to screw things up due to selfish manipulation like Hogarth and would do his best to provide the best case to defend Jessica Jones from the false accusations AND nail the Serial Killer.
Failing that, Daredevil would likely beat the shit out of the guy if going through the legal way does not work.

It was bad enough they have a cameo from Luke Cage which was absolutely bizarre for placement and any relevance.

Leaving that aside, the attitude of Jessica Jones was refreshing to begin with but it does get exceptionally irritating how the series has effectively warped itself to make Jessica Jones the hero despite it being blatantly obvious she has her own severe problems and Trish disintegrates as a character.
The major failing of these series is that the endings are all effectively cliffhangers with the idea being they will be coming back. Disney / Marvel pulled the shows from Netflix so it is unlikely they will come back.

Hogarth - I always found this character kinda pointless. At the beginning it works but after Season 1. Jessica Jones should be more than intelligent enough and experienced enough that dealing with Hogarth is toxic to anything she is doing. If only Jessica Jones knew a Lawyer firm with people that have principles...
The entire sub-plot for Hogarth quickly got annoying and unwanted.

Jessica - For the most part it felt like she just stumbles through the plot. For the character that is supposed to be a Private Investigator, it does not really come across as intelligent if she is effectively being led by the nose. The justification of the Serial Killer being fantastically awesome at predicting shit was a bit of a ham-fisted way to give Jessica Jones a little bit of cover. That said, most of what the guy does is pretty stupid for someone that is supposed to be a flawless Serial Killer.

Trish - The destruction of this character came across as petty and kinda cruel. It feels like someone decided they just wanted to tear her down after she has effectively been the rational semi-decent moral character for Jessica. They gave her a bit of super power and then decided to use that as the means to turn her into a Villain equal to a Serial Killer. I suppose the argument that will be brought out is the same as Dany from Game of Thrones - The signs were already there, you just never noticed them.

As a final season which also ends up being the conclusion to the entire Netflix Marvel series - Very poor performance and ends on a whimper.

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