Iron Fist season 2 (Spoilers)

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Iron Fist season 2 (Spoilers)

Post by FaxModem1 » 2018-09-11 12:08am

Started this today. The show, and Danny Rand has improved. But Danny Rand is still a hot mess.

I enjoyed the antagonists, the side characters, and the recognition that their main character has a lot to improve on.

I greatly enjoyed Mary Walker as a character, once I realized where they were going with her.

It was also nice to see more of Kun Lun, and what happened in Danny's past. Though I think there are a few things that the audience needs to be let in on since we feel outside the conversation whenever Davos and Danny have a talk about their past.

Danny Rand rant:
He's become a bit of a misery tourist by his lack of actions fixing up the area.

Point being, Danny really has no need of working a 9 to 5 moving furniture if he's a billionaire. All it really does is make it seem like he wants to prove he can rough it and live like common people.

The difference between someone who needs that job and him is that if he gets bored, or wants to do whatever, maybe something less labor intensive, he can. Albert, his co-worker, can't, he will probably be working that job for the rest of his life because he needs the money.

We also run into a gang of street toughs who are only doing so because they have no money and are struggling to survive. While trying to help them is part of Colleen's arc, and gives Davos some potential mooks to recruit, it also shows Danny's lack of commitment to helping those around him.

At the same time, the non-profit his girlfriend works at is struggling for cash enough to have a mobster's wife run a casino night there for funding. Let me stress this again. Danny Rand, the billionaire, is working a moving job for chump change while the non-profit he's aware of is so desperate for money it caters to organized crime.

It seems like Danny is more of a misery tourist than someone out to help people. And that makes me wish that the writers knew what they were doing with the character.

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