Willy Superseded

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Willy Superseded

Post by KraytKing » 2018-01-09 10:30pm

In this scenario, you are taken from your home and deposited in Berlin on July 1, 1914, the start of the Great War. You have total command of all functions of the Central Powers for the duration of the war, military and otherwise. You are instantly fluent in all spoken languages of the Central Powers.

If you can force a peace treaty placing indemnity for the war on any of the historic Allied Powers, then you will be returned home, time and place, and left with forty million dollars in Microsoft stock and a biplane. If you force a peace with no blame for any side or avoid the outbreak of war, you will be returned to the location of your current residence in 1980. Your age will not be adjusted. If you lose the war and blame is placed on any of the Central Powers, you will be sent to 12th century France and live out your days as a cesspool cleaner.

In the event of a successful conclusion of the war, no time will have passed in your absence. Any aging or illness suffered while out of time will be undone.

All of this information enters your head in a manner such that you know it to be utterly true. You also know that you have an hour to prepare for the event. Any objects on your person will be transported with you.

How do you prepare yourself and, more importantly, how do you plan to win the First World War?
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