Superman "Vs." One Punch Man & My Hero Academia

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Re: Superman "Vs." One Punch Man & My Hero Academia

Postby Q99 » 2017-05-16 03:07pm

TheFeniX wrote:Don't they (or more likely Batman) have a contingency for dealing with any hero that goes rogue, including Supes? At the least, Superman has a weakness and his team is aware of it. What weaknesses does Tornado have? I think I read her powers don't work on ghosts.

The 'Batman having plans against the team' is both a fairly modern addition (first proposed in the mid 00s) and something that caused a schism within the team, not an official policy (also, he has no real Wonder Woman plan, because she has no weaknesses. In Nu52 he literally has an empty briefcase so he can show off he lack of WW plan).

For a psychic, taking her out when she's asleep seems a likelyhood, she only has passive defenses in that state.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm going off the assumption that if Tornado went rogue the HA is positive they are screwed. The JLA might not be able to take down Clark, but at least they have a chance as there's some other stupidly powerful heroes on the team. And Clark just is kind of their rock either way.

Eh, *individuals* on the team have taken down Clark before (I mean, 'throw Wonder Woman at mind-controlled Clark' has worked on multiple occasions). Almost every core JLA member has at least the potential to take down any other member or even the whole team with the right plan, and multiple members have done so (Batman's plans thing, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter's evil side, and there was a time Kyle-Green Lantern subconsciously created a construct that imprisoned the whole team).

As for Tornado, there's Blast, and even Tatsumaki is intimidated by King's power, so there's two potential checks there. Though she is definitely is the HA's most reliable trump card.

Also, I will note that her being the most powerful wouldn't go away if she wasn't a member, and she lived without wrecking everything for some time before the HA came around. While she has a temper and is dangerous I don't think she's the type to 'go rogue.' Indeed, when she took a day off she found herself... bored, and went monster-hunting for fun.

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Re: Superman "Vs." One Punch Man & My Hero Academia

Postby Majin Gojira » 2017-05-17 09:51am

Q99 wrote:'Empowered' has heroes that are, if anything, often bigger jerks than OPM's (though in more 'personally assholes' way rather than stuff like newbie crushing), but are better organized (possibly why there's no newbie crushing- they'd come down on stuff like that hard) and better at their job (though sometimes by overreacting to threats).They have something of a high school clique-y thing going on pretty often, and while plenty hate it, it's still a factor. Also, they do have a problem that there's enough heroes in the cape community they can get isolated and detached from people outside their subculture.

Empowered's has an odd history on top of that. Spoiler
The old guard of heroes before the Superhomeys basically grew to reliant on and deeply misused an orbital laser weapon. What happened to them isn't known, but they are not around anymore in any capacity, which means the aliens that gave them the tech in the first place may have imprisoned them at best.

Grrlpower is one that has the only superhero team be government-run, and the rules are you gotta sign up if you want to be a hero... but power use is otherwise fine, it's just the 'go out and fight criminals' stuff that is exclusively government property. Though of note, the super community is pretty small (there's also aliens and supernaturals so there's above-normal-human threats other than supers, but supers tend to be on a notably higher level than most of those on Earth), maybe under a hundred in the US.

They estimated that number initially, but they found several dozen (30+ i think) combat capable supers nearby during the Vehemence arc, and they were likely assembled in less than a half-day. Just a nitpick, but one I feel is worth mentioning.
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