Where can I find better anime?

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Re: Where can I find better anime?

Postby Dominus Atheos » 2017-04-25 12:14am

TheFeniX wrote:
Dominus Atheos wrote:The only other anime on netflix I would recommend is "The devil is a part timer". All the other ones up your alley have been mentioned.
Hehe.... oh man, yea. That was a good call. I like this show, but am now pissed off there's only one season. There's a way to to a dub and I feel this is it. You reach a point sometimes where an actor is just reading lines and a lot of this might be due to poor translation dialog. This show did not have that problem. Emi Yusa's voice actress was a stand-out in this, for numerous reasons.

Did you binge-watch it in a day?
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Re: Where can I find better anime?

Postby Q99 » 2017-04-25 12:40am

TheFeniX wrote:Netflix only has the show up until the end of the Soul Arc. Was pretty solid though Rukia being relegated to "Please save me Ichigo-san!" was pretty jarring and the side-crew being DBZed into complete uselessness was as well, though they did much less in the first arc either way.

Oh, not a bad place to stop. Though the anime does have some bonus fun bits of Soul Society characters that the manga lacks...

Still, all around a pretty good show though way to heavy on exposition. Though when it's "on," I have a really hard time thinking of a better show.

Yea, it *really* nailed things with the Soul Society arc. The next arc has.... some moments like that. Past a certain point, nah. And the 'nah, stop here,' line isn't really at the point of any major resolutions, unlike here.

And, an example of wasted potential from later stuff- Spoiler
The second vice-captain in that clip? He's retconned to have a Bankai. He never uses it and it has no effect on anything. Nor does he have any character moments in between this fight and that reveal.

Anyways, I don't think there was a scene concerning Kenpachi that wasn't stellar. Cutting short his fight wife Fox Man and Blind Dude was a travesty. I would watch a show that was just him beating fools down while mocking them ruthlessly until the end of time.

Yea, Kenpachi was great :)