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Postby Lost Soal » 2017-03-01 10:13am

I went to one of the preview screenings for Logan last night and was not at all disappointed. I'm confident in saying it was the best of the 3 Wolverine movies. It was brutal as hell, because he's a rage monster with fucking metal claws, its supposed to be. It adds just the right amount of humour to lighten the mood when needed without having huge tonal shifts.
Jackman owns the role, Stewart is fucking Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen who plays Laura/X23 does a fine job.

The trailers did a good job of not showing everything and leaving some surprises for the film although probably everyone knows about one big plot point the trailers just couldn't help spoiling.
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Re: Logan

Postby Crazedwraith » 2017-03-01 10:14am

+1 for not just using the trailer thread :D

Going to see it on Monday.
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Re: Logan

Postby Dartzap » 2017-03-02 02:23pm

I got a free admission with a client this afternoon. Well worth the ticket price!

Uh, I mean it's a vicious, bloody Road trip flick that focuses alot on the fragility of being a centuries old manslaughter machine. No spandex to be seen, mercifully.
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Re: Logan

Postby Gandalf » 2017-03-02 08:03pm

Overall, I liked it. All of the acting and violence was fantastic. Though it seemed as though a lot of the action was shoehorned in to meet a quota.

The X-24 thing shit me and pulled me right out of the film. I liked the running theme of man trying to control nature, but X-24 just seemed to be shoehorned in weirdly. Wolverine is slowly deteriorating, so it's not like the PMC guys with guns aren't a threat to him and X-23.

What happens when X-23 grows up as her bones are encased in adamantium?
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