Avengers vs Eric Andre

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Avengers vs Eric Andre

Post by TithonusSyndrome » 2016-10-18 09:32pm

The Eric Andre character of the Eric Andre Show has yet again torn through the fabric of space and time at a completely random moment whilst trashing the set of his show, and hurtles through the multiverse towards the Marvel Cinematic Universe just a month after the events of Civil War. En route, however, an impish ROB has decided to outfit him with many of the relics and weapons from the MCU that had been held by a foe previously vanquished; Ronan's Hammer is handed to him, the Destroyer's armor is retrofitted using vibranium to encase his body and programmed to obey his commands, augmented by the weapons of the Ironmonger and Ultron, and his body itself is given the Extremis treatment for good measure.

He makes landfall in Toronto at around noon and immediately continues his rampage without missing a beat, making a highly visible public threat of himself that the Avengers take immediate notice of. Normally he would snap out of the berserker mode the moment he became exhausted, but that is no longer nearly as likely post-Extremis, and even if he does it won't mean that he becomes docile or civil - he will simply focus on tormenting the Avengers the way he does guests or bystanders. Can the Avengers defeat him, or will the MCU come to know a world of legalized ranch?

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