Orcs Invade Japan

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Re: Orcs Invade Japan

Post by Simon_Jester » 2016-10-01 07:45pm

Well, i the wizards only make up a few percent of the population tops, then the other orcs have to do something. Most likely, they're being employed/enslaved by their own wizards as laborers and goon squads.
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Re: Orcs Invade Japan

Post by Cykeisme » 2016-10-12 10:59am

I think making the scenario interesting is more a matter of finding the minimum amount of fiat to make the Orcs be able to sustain (feed) themselves and protect themselves against the threat of air power and artillery. As described in the OP, they are presently completely unable to do either, which makes them into a sort of puzzle game revolving around the ethical issue due to the 15 million surviving civilians, instead of a genuine military threat.

There's a reason why when 40k introduced "Orks", they gave them an innate genetic understanding of mining, refining materials, manufacturing, space travel, combined arms tactics, and producing/salvaging firearms, artillery, armor, aircraft and spacecraft, etc.. because they'd need all those capabilities to be at least near parity with their high-tech enemies for them to be a threat, even considering their massive superiority in numbers (on account of their method of spore-reproduction, brief maturity period, and food production).

Medieval technology makes even near-limitless numbers of humanoids (even with non-superpower increases in physical hardiness) into a non-issue in the face of modern firepower.

Going back to the thread discussion, having "mages" being able to detect and zap aircraft at long ranges with a threatening level of accuracy, and produce/sustain sizable volumes of fog impenetrable to methods of detection and imaging across an entire swathe of the EM spectrum, is a good start.
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