Blair Witch 2016

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Blair Witch 2016

Post by Guardsman Bass » 2016-09-17 01:58am

I've found the original Blair Witch Project is one of those movies you either get into and enjoy, or you just don't. I saw it about five years ago and enjoyed the hell out of it (of course, I watched it at night, in a dark room, wearing headphones), and so of course I went saw the sequel movie Blair Witch earlier today.

I liked it, although it's basically "Blair Witch with a bigger budget". The effects are good, there's some good scary moments, and so forth. It also gives you a better idea of what might be happening without totally revealing it all:
One of the two locals who goes with the group talks about how the witch was basically staked out with weights on her arms and legs to die of exposure, and in the very few passing glances we get at what's chasing our heroes, that's what she seems to look like. It's really creepy looking, and the ending in the house in good.

The movie also basically states outright that time is screwy in the area they're trapped in, with the locals getting separated and experiencing several days of being lost while the main group only experiences a single day, the night seemingly stretching on forever, (implied) Rustin Parr's house being there despite not being there in the present as in the original film, and the drone not seeing any roads or houses when they send it up in the air before it crashes.

Overall, I think the original is still better because it was sort of original, and because the really low-budget effects in the original and the creepy ending just worked really well.
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Re: Blair Witch 2016

Post by General Zod » 2016-09-17 09:46pm

I saw the original in theaters. Frankly the tiny budget was the whole point, so I'm not sure what remaking it but with more money actually accomplishes.
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