Damned no matter what (rar)

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Damned no matter what (rar)

Postby The Yosemite Bear » 2012-10-19 07:23pm

OK Your trapped in a regular RAR senario, however this time you can make a deal to get out of it.

1. continue with the RAR
2. make a deal with the greek gods knowing the consequences
3. make a deal with "The Fair Folk" (remember your exact wording....)
4. make a deal with "Morgenstern, Milton, Cypher and associates" usual costs and fuck you but if your one of the first 5 responders we'll throw in free guitar or violin lessons
5. deal with Genies and Djinn remember what they mean by lets discuss this over dinner
6. Dragon's or Wizards (with known interpretations and costs)
7. The Q knowing their way of skewing things being almost as bad as the fair folk

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Re: Damned no matter what (rar)

Postby Batman » 2012-10-19 07:31pm

1. Can't be much worse than the New 52.
2. through 7.-I trick them into eventually getting me out of the RAR with no strings attached because I'm the Valendamned Batman and yes I AM that Valendamned good. The Greek Gods may kick me out on their own volition because they know me by way of Diana.
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