Man of Steel

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Man of Steel

Postby Ahriman238 » 2012-08-29 12:40am

First real trailer is up, so I guess it's time to discuss next summer's big DC movie.

Which tells us absolutely nothing about the story that isn't known to the entire world.
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Re: Man of Steel

Postby Napoleon the Clown » 2012-08-29 01:11am

Teaser trailers rarely give you meaningful info on the plot.
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Re: Man of Steel

Postby ray245 » 2012-08-29 03:03am

Wasn't this trailer released quite a while ago?
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Re: Man of Steel

Postby Zixinus » 2012-08-29 06:26am

It does hint at some ideas though (maybe Superman's parents are not fishermen rather than farmers?). The narrator speech did sound interesting.
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