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 Post subject: GRRM reading from Winds of Winter (ASOIAF Vol 6) (spoilers) PostPosted: 2011-08-19 08:05am
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Its an Arriane chapter (dammit, I was hoping for Sansa!).

All that's available from Worldcon is a quick summary from one who as there:-

"basically Arriane, Elia, and some others from Dorne are traveling to meet lord Connington. Arriane spends much of the trip thinking about Quentyn and if he actually found Dany, wondering, "do I have to call him King".

At one point Elia wanders off into a cave where they find carvings from the children of the forest. She's acting out a little bit and Arriane has to put her in her place.

When they finally arrive at Griffins Roost they learn that Connington has already left for Storms End. Later they learn that he has taken the castle! Arriane doesn't quite believe it, but when asked by conningtons men if she would like to be taken to see Connington and Aegon, they would escort her by sea. She was urged not to go by (I forget), but declared that she wanted to see this "Dragon"...."

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 Post subject: Re: GRRM reading from Winds of Winter (ASOIAF Vol 6) (spoile PostPosted: 2011-08-19 01:00pm
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That's disappointing. I was hoping for a Sansa chapter (Tyrion, Daenerys, or Jon - if he's alive - were too much to hope for).

Some of the other attendees are filling in details from their notes over at Westeros.

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