Super Bowl--Captain America, Thor previews

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Elheru Aran
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Super Bowl--Captain America, Thor previews

Postby Elheru Aran » 2011-02-07 03:14pm

Well, I watched the game last night...

Or rather, the commercials!

Looks cool enough. The people with me thought it looked lame, but I beg to differ. Not quite enough Asgard, not enough Thor in costume, but I can live with what it showed. It really moved just too fast for us to really make out anything about it except Natalie Portman and the Destroyer, though...

But I did get the comment that apparently Chris Hemsworth looks like me. 8)

Captain America:
Schweeeeeeet. Yeah. You get a pretty nice idea of how it's going to start out-- skinny-ass Steve, goes into a box, comes out ripped... yeah. Nazis! The Shield! RED SKULL! Only for a second, granted, but you definitely see a black-suited Nazi pulling off his mask and red underneath...

It definitely looks like CA is going to be focused mostly on WWII, or there *might* be some way that, like, I don't know, Nazis in hiding that pop up in the modern era? There were a good few CA stories along those lines in the earlier days. I mean, that's the whole idea of Red Skull, a Nazi that sticks around forever...

So who else saw the previews? Thoughts?

Also: Did they ever show one for Green Lantern? Just wondering...
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Re: Super Bowl--Captain America, Thor previews

Postby FSTargetDrone » 2011-02-07 08:26pm

Needs video:


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Jim Raynor
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Re: Super Bowl--Captain America, Thor previews

Postby Jim Raynor » 2011-02-07 11:06pm

Thor's trailer was good, the Super Bowl spot didn't show much that we hadn't seen from the trailer though. The Captain America spot on the other hand was AWESOME.
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Re: Super Bowl--Captain America, Thor previews

Postby Havok » 2011-02-08 06:13am

I love Thor and Cap.

I have to say that I like the Thor trailer more. Maybe because it is more of a mystery to me. I know what I am getting with Johnny Storm Chris Evans, but know nothing about George Kirk Chris Hemsworth.

He looks like Thor though which is awesome. I'm hoping they save all the cool Asgard stuff for the actual movie and keep it out of the trailers.

I'm glad they are going to focus on WWII Cap. Hopefully that will make his presence in The Avengers much stronger.

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Re: Super Bowl--Captain America, Thor previews

Postby LadyTevar » 2011-02-08 01:41pm

I see the Nazi Flying Wing in the CA trailer. That will be interesting indeed

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Re: Super Bowl--Captain America, Thor previews

Postby TOSDOC » 2011-02-08 06:58pm

I see the Nazi Flying Wing in the CA trailer. That will be interesting indeed

Indeed it will. I hope the Red Skull has some other interesting Nazi toys as well. Was that Tommy Lee Jones playing the general watching Steve go into the box?

The trailers both looked good. But is anyone else bummed that Chris Evans is playing CA when he already did Johnny Storm? Because I'm already really bummed that Edward Norton was replaced for the Avengers movie, (not to mention Terrence Howard, but I thought Norton was spot-on)--should the rule be "one superhero per actor" or what?
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Jade Owl
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Re: Super Bowl--Captain America, Thor previews

Postby Jade Owl » 2011-02-11 07:46am

TOSDOC wrote: Was that Tommy Lee Jones playing the general watching Steve go into the box?

Yes it was. But according to IMDb he's playing a Colonel.
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