The Avatar and Fire Lord Iroh (RAR!)

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The Avatar and Fire Lord Iroh (RAR!)

Post by Zor » 2018-08-10 12:00am

In this scenario the initial events of The Boy In The Iceberg happen in mostly the same way as they did in The Boy In The Iceberg with Katara thawing out Aang. However, Zuko and Iroh does not come a calling to mess things up. The reason for which is that he's still in the Fire Nation's capital, unmarred and having a good time with Mai. See things went a little differently.

Basically Lu Ten got through the siege of Ba Sing Se wounded but alive and Iroh managed to take the city proper primarily by securing the farmland and forcing a fight. He returned home the victorious conqueror and shortly afterward ascended to the throne as Azulon died peacefully in his sleep, leaving him the ruler of both the Fire Nation and most of the Earth Kingdom. Some bastions of Earth Kingdom army and less formal resistance still remain, even as the Fire Nation focuses more on consolidating it's hold by building up infrastructure including a network of railways. Ozai has been marginalized as well as the more agressive officers such as Zhao. Iroh in this world has no desire for genocide or destroying the Moon Spirit but he still feels that the Fire Nation should rule this world.

What happens?

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Re: The Avatar and Fire Lord Iroh (RAR!)

Post by Lord Revan » 2018-08-10 05:08am

The problem is we know next to nothing on what kind of person Iroh was before the death of his son. Though from what little we do know he'd see taking over the world as distasteful duty and most likely would not resort to the extremes Ozai did.

Also I can't really see Ozai accepting being permanently put to the sidelines and might try to engineer an "accident" for Iroh.
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Re: The Avatar and Fire Lord Iroh (RAR!)

Post by Solauren » 2018-08-13 09:56am

Ozai would have to be watched closely. All communication monitored, if not out right exiled or killed.

I can see Iroh welcoming the return of the Avatar, especially if Iroh is still a member of the Lotus society.

I also see Iroh, once the Earth Kingdom has the infrastructure improvements, pulling back OUT of the the Earth Kingdom. Under the original stated reason for the invasion, 'to share out prospertity with the World', that had now bee accomplished. Corrupt Earth Kingdom nobles removed, infrastructure improved. The Earth Kingdom should now start to enjoy prosperity.

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