Netflix- Marvel's Iron Fist *potential spoilers*

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Netflix- Marvel's Iron Fist *potential spoilers*

Postby Crazedwraith » 2017-03-17 02:09pm

Iron Fist, the follow on to Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and final member of the upcoming Defenders has been released!

The early buzz about it was not good however but that may be also be because it's not seen a progressive as JJ or LC with it's rich white protagonist, Danny Rand who gains a kung-fu light up fist if my memory of comics is correct.

I'll probably give it a go soon.
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Re: Netflix- Marvel's Iron Fist *potential spoilers*

Postby Vendetta » 2017-03-17 07:42pm

Nah, it's not just because it's "not progressive". It's because it's pretty shit.

Iron Fist is, more than anything, a confused mess of a show. Nobody in the show seems to have a clear idea what they want. Not the villains, not Danny Rand, there's maybe a sort of bit of character development hinted at for Colleen Wing early on but it doesn't go anywhere and then they change track with her and do a completely different and dumber plot anyway. It forgets what it's doing every few episodes and hares off in a new direction with new antagonists that have no clearer direction than the last lot.

And it's really boring. There's no tension in any of the plots, and very little energy between the leads. Because there's no clear direction in the plot there's no stakes either.

The fighting is dull too, Finn Jones does not sell the fight scenes at all, Jessica Henwick does a little better, but not by much, and the choreography is insipid. Most of the fights are shot in the dark so you can't tell how badly the actors are doing.

The way the Hand are portrayed is also completely at odds with Daredevil season 2. Not better mind, they're still messy and rubbish, but completely different in their characterisation, who they are (as in which characters belong to the Hand) and what they want. (I really wish they'd leave the Hand out of it, but they seem to be married to them, since they're the baddies in The Defenders as well)

It takes basically nothing from any Iron Fist comics other than some names, and the one character that does show up, the Bride of Nine Spiders, is a disposable Hand mook instead of being another Immortal Weapon.

I suspect it's a combination of not daring to do a story as explicitly based on magic kung fu as the actual Iron Fist comics and also wanting to set up the Defenders so they dragged the silly old Hand into things (but made them really inconsistent with previous portrayals and inconsisntent with themselves throughout the same damn show depending on which of two-and-a-half poorly executed plots they were using them for.)

Also, it's padded to fuck. There's about six episodes of worthwhile content, but it's a thirteen episode show, so the pace is glacial until the last three.

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Re: Netflix- Marvel's Iron Fist *potential spoilers*

Postby Joun_Lord » 2017-03-17 09:12pm

I'm 4 episodes in and aboot to start my 5th episode and so far its.....okay. Its probably an average Netflix Marvel show. Alot of padding and drama punctuated by bursts of action.

I'm so far liking it but it had some slow moments but thats been true for all the netflix Marvel shows so far. I find Danny a bit interesting, kinda like Oliver Queen without the angst. The creepy wondertwins are kinda meh.

Part of me really wishes they shows more of Danny's culture shock. Not only is he been gone for 15 years and all the technological and societal changes that has brought but 15 years in a society that learned of the existence of aliens and gods, had atleast two alien invasions, had a government agency overrun by literal Nazis, and giant Thomas the Tank Engine appearing. Also whatever Agents of Shield has been doing that nobody cares about. Something like the would have to be a massive shock, like someone who went in a coma in the 90s and woke up after the WTC attacks but far worse.

I will say at the very least I'm looking forward to the next episode. Maybe give a full after action report once its all said and done.

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Re: Netflix- Marvel's Iron Fist *potential spoilers*

Postby General Zod » 2017-03-19 12:04am

I tried watching it. But everything in the first episode made me cringe. It's like they repackaged a bunch of 80s ninja tropes and tried to sell it as a modern show.
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Re: Netflix- Marvel's Iron Fist *potential spoilers*

Postby streetad » 2017-03-19 03:47am

Seen the first three episodes. It's alright, it hasn't lost my interest as quickly as Luke Cage did.

Danny does come across a bit like a wealthy gap year student who won't shut up about his six months backpacking round the Far East but that has been on the right side of tolerable so far.

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Re: Netflix- Marvel's Iron Fist *potential spoilers*

Postby Gandalf » 2017-03-19 04:25am

Well that was... middling.

Everyone in that show is an unlikable mess. At no point was I really given a reason to care about the rich white billionaire, or the... whatever the fuck everyone else was.
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Re: Netflix- Marvel's Iron Fist *potential spoilers*

Postby Tsyroc » 2017-03-19 07:21am

I'm to about episode 8. Like most of the Netflix Marvel shows I can only go so long before I have to take a bit of a break. With Iron Fist I'm not sure how long it'll be until I feel like going back to watch the rest.

I think Vendetta covers the issues with this show very well, and I agree with General Zod that the first episode was pretty cringe worthy.

Out of the Netflix shows this was the one I was least looking forward to when it was announced. Part of that is I've never been an Iron Fist fan. He's good partnered with Luke Cage but on his own he's kind of blah. He's a not that interesting martial artist who has very limited use of his additional super power (at one time I think it used to be once a day but I'm pretty sure it is more often now). When they announced this show my first thought was, "well, they better do a really good job on the martial arts choreography", which they really haven't. Some of it is pretty decent later on but often is followed by fight scenes that backslide to being terrible.

I think part of what has kept me going on the show was wondering what the actual deal is with Madame Gao, and after reading some of the speculation about that, I'm not as interested as I was with what I had presumed in my head.

Overall I think the cast is decent enough. The show has a few good ideas that are kind of cool but I keep thinking they needed a better show runner or maybe better directors to push it up a few notches from where it is. It's not really horrible but not as good as the previous shows. So far it's about Daredevil season 2 would be without The Punisher except that Danny hasn't moved into total asshole mode over his obsession like Matt did so he's still mostly likeable.

One thing that has really annoyed me about this show is Spoiler
why the fuck didn't Claire get Danny and Matt Murdock together? She knows both of them and knows that both want to fight The Hand. It just makes no sense without giving some reason Matt is off the table.