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PSW: discuss Star Wars without "versus" arguments.

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Rules for this forum

Post by Darth Wong » 2005-07-02 01:10am

In addition to the general board rules, the "Pure Star Wars" forum has a couple of specific rules of its own:
  1. Some people prefer to use only the movies as evidence, while others include the EU. Still others actually place the EU above the movies. No one can tell you that your particular approach is "wrong" per se, but keep two things in mind:
    1. Lucasfilm has stated its policy before; the EU is below the movies, but it still has status. It is not irrelevant. You have the right to use a different standard, but you cannot promote it as the "correct" one because the only entity which has that right is Lucasfilm.
    2. If you use a particular standard, you should do so consistently. Shuffling back and forth between differing standards is usually taken as a sign of dishonesty (particularly if you do it in the middle of a debate), unless there's some extenuating circumstance (eg- someone wants to use a particular standard for the purposes of a given thread and you want to participate in that thread).
  2. No more threads poking fun at Supershadow for being a liar and an idiot. Yes, we know he's lying about pretty much everything, especially his nonsense about dating supermodels and being George Lucas' best friend. But we've heard it so many times before that it's gotten quite stale.
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