Strange happenings in ANH

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Strange happenings in ANH

Postby Darth Garden Gnome » 2002-07-08 02:58am

i have seen a couple of problems in ANH and thought id make a post bout it, eh em

1.) during the trench run we see turbolasers inside the trench firing at an angle, since we all know turbolasers following a straight path they would hit the side of the trench and cause damage to their own battlestation, and after see what lukes x-wing did to the surface id hate to see what turblolasers woudl do.

2.) when tarkin decides not to deploy fighters during the attack, most chalk it up to arrogance, however we see vader has his own tie squad and sends them into battle , so whos to say other officers aboard the death star also didnt have other fighters who were competent enough to realize that the rebels may succeed and could launch there own fighters right? perhaps, perhaps not i suppose.

3.) lastly and most importantly why did the death star go around yavin at sublight when they couldve avoided it entirely via hyperspace? how? imagine a triangle the death star is at the bottom left, the rebs base is at the top, and in between the bottom left and rebs base is the star yavin, and the bottom right is empty space, instead of going from the bottom left to top like they did and have to lengthily orbit the star they couldve jumped to the bottom right and then jumped to the top so it could instanty fire the laser at the base as soon as it dropped out

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Postby MagicHateBall » 2002-07-08 03:33am

1) Well, in the end, it comes down to one thing: would you prefer some bits of the DS to be crispy due to friendly fire, or would you prefer no DS at all?

2) I think this was because, in the end, Vader answers to the Emperor, and not to Tarkin. The commanders of the individual fighter squadrons, however, answered to Tarkin, and were following his orders to not launch.

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Postby Mr Bean » 2002-07-08 08:18am

3. That ones easy , You can't come in at the Angle you'd like because of Yavins gravity well. Also remeber Tarken was in charge he wanted to draw it out as long as possible, He COULD have hyped around Yavin and come at it from an angle cutting off the in range time by maybe 20 mins but he wanted the Rebels to know he was coming and he paid for it

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