Clone Wars Fan Films by Smudger9

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Clone Wars Fan Films by Smudger9

Post by Darth Lucifer » 2018-11-16 10:29pm

One of my hobbies is watching fan edits/fanmixes/fanfixes. This series of fan films (viewable on Vimeo) by Smudger9 is one of the coolest things I've ever seen since the "Anti-Cheese" edit of the Prequel Trilogy. I'm going to post some quotes and links, then leave the floor open for discussion.

First, from "Army of the Republic:" ... ublic-the/
Smudger9 wrote:Brief Synopsis:
The first episode of my Clone Wars Movie Series. The original movie and six episodes of the TV series (Cat & Mouse, The Hidden Enemy, Clone Cadets, Rookies, Arc Troopers and Grievous Intrigue) are presented in the classical Star Wars movie structure, providing the first part of a progressive bridge between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

The Jabba's son storyline from the Movie has been completely removed and replaced by the story of a group of rookie Clone Troopers, culminating in the spectacular battle of Kamino.
The Clone Wars movie and TV series was a great addition to Star Wars canon. However, it had a lot of filler, was often very child-orientated and had villains that were less than threatening. I wanted to create a movie series that stuck to the Star Wars movie structure while also stripping out the filler, removing the childish elements and creating threatening villains.
The entire Clone Wars Movie series (so far) can be seen here...He's already up to Episode V and I'm completely addicted. It also makes me want to watch my DVD's of the original series. Linky --->

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