Marvel fires Chuck Wendig to salve alt-reich

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Re: Marvel fires Chuck Wendig to salve alt-reich

Post by MKSheppard » 2018-11-18 05:32pm

Lonestar wrote:
2018-10-12 05:58pm
Exactly what the title says, SW author Chuck Wendig has been fired from Marvel because the Alt-reich got pissy about him including gay folks in previous SW books he wrote.
His books from what I hear, weren't that great. Basically, we went from Timothy Zahn in 1992 with HTTE to Wendig with his trilogy that was to 'reboot' the 'new' SW EU.
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Re: Marvel fires Chuck Wendig to salve alt-reich

Post by Vympel » 2018-11-18 07:44pm

Darth Winter wrote:
2018-11-17 06:00am
The Romulan Republic wrote:
2018-11-16 10:30pm
Darth Winter wrote:
2018-11-15 03:35pm

Russian goverment responsible for actions of U.S. goverment that led to destruction of Yugoslavia, Iraq & Lybia? Maybe you right. If USSR still exist USA never would have dared it.
I'm talking about the actions their governments are taking now, not the two nations' actions through the entirety of their history.
Does few years ago it already history for you? Or you think change president mean fresh start? No. Just say: "It was my predecessor. I'm not like him" not work. Leader must do some action to proof it. But foreign policy of US not change by decades. It can be stoped only by force or threat of force. In Syria US invasion force keep their distance from russian air-space force becuse they fear confrontation.

Same but economic thing with this topic of this discussion. Many gay characters in books, movies e.t.c. like few groups on west. But in oher countrys most of people do not like it. Do not like mean do not buy. Do not buy mean no profit. Disney want profit.
My last post was not a request, it was a directive. Since you cannot help yourself, enough of this derail.
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