Last Jedi Luke vs Palpatine.

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Last Jedi Luke vs Palpatine.

Post by The Romulan Republic » 2018-02-22 11:17pm

On the Second Death Star, Luke Skywalker faces his father and the Emperor. Suddenly, a portal opens in the middle of the walkway overlooking the throne room and out steps an older Luke Skywalker-specifically, a Luke Skywalker who has just died after confronting Kylo Ren via Force illusion.

Can Luke the Elder defeat Vader and Palpatine? And as a bonus question, what would a man with such profound regrets do upon finding himself transported back in time to the Battle of Endor?

Note: Luke does not have a lightsaber for this scenario. Nor does Palpatine. This will be a pure Force duel unless they acquire sabers from young Luke and Vader.

Scenario Two: Luke vs. RotS Palpatine in the Senate. Both have their lightsabers.
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