Is the live action TV series going to happen?

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Re: Is the live action TV series going to happen?

Postby Connor MacLeod » 2011-08-22 04:24pm

Darth Wong wrote:I was going to say that I would hope that any posthumous Star Wars material would be respectful of the source and the author, and then I remembered that we're talking about Hollywood so I laughed at my own foolishness.

So you envision transforming mecha fighters and Mordor-esque Death Stars too? :P

Oh yes and I bet they'd borrow HEAVILLY from nBSG. And blasters owuld be replaced by slugthrowers. Which wouldn't be bad per se, if I didnt think it was just copying "edgy" from other sci fi.

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Re: Is the live action TV series going to happen?

Postby Darksider » 2011-08-22 04:31pm

I know most people don't mind the increasing prevalence of slugthrowers in sci-fi these days, but I for one miss all the pew pew lasers. To me the E-11 is almost as iconic to SW as the lightsaber. They're advanced enough to make it space opera, but similar enough to be recognized as guns. I don't know if i'd want to watch a neo-BSG-ified SW with all ballistic weapons and that god-damn shaky cam
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