Going to make a SW Turn Based Naval Combat Game

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Post by The Yosemite Bear » 2003-04-12 08:02am

moved at request of author, and because this is one of our oldest gaming related thread's

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Post by MKSheppard » 2003-04-12 08:07am

New Work

This was the old style:


Took up too much space even on 1024x768 monitors to have an effective
'scope', so i redid the artwork for the pieces, down from 89x89 pixels to just
50x50 pixels, allowing me to double the number of hexes shown onscreen.


I've also implemented a text line feature allowing you to type in the
cargo of a ship so you can show it on the map:


Along with a Icon showing movement:

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Post by Cal Wright » 2003-04-12 11:15pm

The events that unfolded in me finding my way here started with chat room simming on AoL. We could always do board simming, but I always thought it sucked. Chat is realtime. We have a sd.net chat room so I could help get things rolling for you guys.

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