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Post by HemlockGrey » 2003-04-12 10:52pm

Geh. 4 games for SNES, 2 for N64, 15-25 for my PII 350 computer.

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Post by Darth Gojira » 2003-04-13 04:33pm

PC and..............and................DAMMIT!!! Ah, well. I'm more of a RTS guy....
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Post by Cal Wright » 2003-04-13 05:23pm

Let's start with the computer, since we all know PCs suck

Xp 1700+ Athlon
Asus 64mb Vid Card on Nvidia GeForce 4 chipset
Shitload of RAM
17" Monitor
Uber Microsoft Keyboard
Logitech Trackmarble Mouse with Wheel.
Logitech Wingman Controller
Logitech Wingman Flightstick

Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Quake, Quake Expansion Packs, Quake II
Quake II Expansion Packs, Quake III, Sega Smash Pack 2, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, XvT Balance of Power, X-Wing Alliance, Dark Forces II Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Knight II Outcast, Galactic Battlegrounds, Clone Campaigns, Battlefield 1942, Half Life Counter Strike,
Age of Empires II Age of Kings, Star Wars Force Commander, Star Wars Rebellion, X-Wing Collectors Cd including X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and XvT Flight School, Rogue Squadron, Homeworld Cataclysm, NFS III

Nintendo Entertainment System
NES Four Score
NES Zapper
Game Genie

Little Nemo Dream Master, Double Dragon, Mega Man, Ghosts N Goblins, Blaster Master, Bionic Commando, 3-D WorldRunner, Hogan's Alley, Final Fantasy, Spy Hunter, Kirby's Adventure, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Golgo 13, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, SMB2, SMB3, Monster Party, Stryder, Empire Strikes Back, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA

Sega Genesis
Menacer Light Gun
Terminator 2
Spiderman (it's based on the cartoon)
Sonic, Sonic 2, X-Men 2 Clone Wars, NBA Jam, Sonic Spinball,

Sega 32X
Doom, Star Wars arcade, Cosmic Carnage, Golf crap game

Super NES
Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Super ANH, ESB, RotJ, Nigel Mansel's Racing, Turtles in Time, Mega Man X, The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

Nintendo 64
Tons of controllers
Rumble Packs

Perfect Dark, Rogue Squadron, Kirby and the Crystal Shards, Mario Party, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask,

Game Boy Advance
Metroid Fusion, Wario 4,

Gameboy/Color games
Super Mario Land 3 WarioLand, Wario 3, Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario Brothers Deluxe, Legend of Zelda DX, MegaMan Xtreme, Spiderman,

Tons of controllers,
Keyboard and Mouse
Arcade Stick

Quake III Arena, Mavel vs Capcom 2, Bomberman Online, Episode I Racer, Jedi Power Battles, Sonic Adventure, Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver, Ecco the Dolphin,

A color for every occasion in controllers.

Metroid Prime, The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Resident Evil, OoT/Master Quest Disc.

Playstation 2
Broadband adapter

Burnout, GT3, auto modellista, Bounty Hunter, Half Life, Starfighter, Zone of the Enders, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Spy Hunter

PS1 games
Megaman X4, Gran Turismo, GT2, Activision Classics, Worms (some damn PAL version I can't use), Colony Wars, Driver,

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Post by Darth Yoshi » 2003-04-13 06:23pm

PC stats; 600MHz, 256 RAM, Cable connection, NVidiaTNT2 video card.

N64: 14
GCN: 5, unless you count Ocarina of Time as a different game than Master Quest.
GBA: 2
PC: 8

SNES: 2 controllers.
N64: 2 controllers, 3rd party Rumble Pack, Transfer Pack.
GCN: 2.5 controllers (the Interact Superpad only counts as half).
PC: 1 gamepad, one joystick.
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