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Jedi Academy (JKA) PC dedicated server, all welcome 2020

Posted: 2020-06-27 03:45pm
by Kurgan
Cut right to the chase, it's back, join whenever you want:

Long ago, I hosted a 24/7, dedicated PC server for Jedi Academy entitled the Meatgrinder. The idea behind it was that at the time, most of the servers out there were exclusively devoted to Dueling, to abusive "admin mods," or to Role Playing instead of fighting, or they belonged to some "Clan" and you were out of luck if you weren't in one. So my server was going to be as close to the base game as possible, using game modes that were getting neglected, namely Siege and CTF. I quickly started using OJP Basic, because it was a tiny mod, that improved the bots a lot (especially in team based modes like Siege) and didn't introduce any major issues like the aforementioned mods. My server and Amidala's Chop Chop were some of the longest running and last bastions of this style of play for a long time.

I ran through many server hosts, the last one being EscapedTurkey. After many years of being a grown-up it became harder to manage so it went dormant for awhile, much like JediKnight.Net where it first originated. JKA was a small community.

Fast forward to today, around the time of the pandemic I got nostalgic and restarted the old Meatgrinder through Vilayer. I had so many problems with the host though I ended the relationship after just a couple of months and it went dormant again until I could find a new host. I tried GorillaNerd (the successor of EscapedTurkey) which went nowhere, ditto with MarkMods, etc. Finally I settled on BlueFangSolutions. This isn't an ad for them just a shout out after finally settling on a stable host! Once again most of the servers out there are sabers only, often with force disabled, or running exclusively the bloated "Movie Battles II" mod (which, is impressive, but not my cup of tea).

All are welcome to join us. We're just into playing the base game, nothing crazy. I have mods on there but usually they're not even running so all you might need would be OJP Basic and maybe a small cosmetic fix like the Jawa file (so you can see Jawas the right color in team games).

Basic server rotation now is Siege and CTF, with breaks in between for FFA, and "mayhem" rounds (FFA played on the duel maps, which results in a bloody melee!!!). I am able to hop on during the weekend, if I'm home. This is fully compatible with the Steam version, but sadly players on Switch/PS4/Xbox won't be able to join.

PS: Please message me if you can't get on, if the server appears to be down, etc. Note the time and date. I tend to just leave it alone unless I see a problem and will reset it as soon as I can.

Re: Jedi Academy (JKA) PC dedicated server, all welcome 2020

Posted: 2020-06-27 03:49pm
by Kurgan
Here's the archived version of my old mods page, if you need any of the files. Actually looking back I started this even before the pandemic, Sept 2019, how time flies!

If you do play and have a good time, I'd love to hear about it, post screenshots, etc. MTFBWY!

Re: Jedi Academy (JKA) PC dedicated server, all welcome 2020

Posted: 2020-06-27 10:01pm
by Solauren

Re: Jedi Academy (JKA) PC dedicated server, all welcome 2020

Posted: 2020-07-04 08:36pm
by Kurgan
I restarted the server recently. You may be able to call vote to change the map possibly gametype if you want, too.